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Great kingdom of campbell 2

Welcome to the Campbell Morton WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to our Great Leader Campbell Morton. Our Great Leader leads the nation of Wikia, for the glory of Disney. He is said to have won 2,000 battles before falling to his foes. He now lies in rest, waiting for the perfect moment to bless our mortal lives with his Holiness. In his tomb, a VHS tape of Little Monsters eternally plays with two McDonalds cherry pocket-pies at both side of the rounded CRT monitor. Bad things are said to happen if you are to eat his pocket-pies or interrupt the movie. His tomb radiates fertility, which has allowed cow-herders to take up residence nearby, in order to supply their families with the needed milk to survive through the cold winters.

Our savior

About Our Glorious LeaderEdit

Campbell Morton is one of the greatest humans to have ever existed. They say when he ejaculates, a random infertile female becomes pregnant. He is the product of crossbreeding God and Morgan Freeman, to create the perfect deity. At the age of 2, he ate thirty hot pockets in one day; to save himself from disaster, he also ate an entire car sponge so he could marathon Scooby Doo; that day he proved to his mom he no longer required diapers.

Campbell Dancing!05:23

Campbell Dancing!

Latest activityEdit

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