Campbell "a fucking leaf" Morton
Campbell Morton original
A fat retard with a birth defect
Vital statistics
Position Wikia Editor Extraordinaire, Voice Actor, Pedophile, buttraper, Jew blower, Holocaust denier
Age 49
Status Gay
Physical attributes
Height 5 foot 1
Weight 300

Campbell "big black women with big tits you can't miss her" Morton Edit

Campbell Morton is a young fat kid with autism who has been fucked by his dad

IMG 2316

various methods including doggy style. He has assburgers and rides the short bus to special ed to see his social worker.

He also hates Niggers, Kikes, Spics, Sandniggers, Chinks, and anyone other than the Pure Aryan white race.

Shamu's mentally retarded cousin also has footage of himself preforming anal shiting buttsex with fellow autist Timothy "Timbox" Mckenzie

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